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a musical tribute to the Woodstock Era


Not only the outlet for the songwriting skills of Doug Robertson, this group showcases his deft sense of vocal harmony combined with an aggressive acoustic rock & roll guitar style.

Listen to cuts from Doug's album "NEW CLOTHES"...

Strength of the Dark'

Sample - Listen Here!

Sample - Listen Here!
Life's in the Blood

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Doug's humor and interaction endears him to audiences everywhere as he combines storytelling, self deprecating jokes and explosive rhythms, surprising those who expected to see another simple folk singer performance.

Imagine a 1980's big hair band.... now imagine that energy in a guy playing an acoustic guitar. That's Doug Robertson.

The songs on this CD are strangely timeless and poignant. Back in September of 2001, in the days following the Terrorist Attacks, Doug was struggling with whether to cancel his performances as other artists were doing. After all, this was too somber a time to be merely entertaining.

As Robertson considered he asked himself, "What would I sing?" He continues, "I started looking at the story lines and messages of my songs and realized that much of my material is about finding hope in life's circumstances."

One song stood out - "Strength of the Dark". Although written years before the attack, it seems to have been written specifically to the terrorist threat. "I'm Depressed, I'm denied and my soul terrified, and those who've gained power all hate us... But the Lord will be shown to all men of the Earth and His Hand to be seen near and far, and the weary and broken will draw strength from Him and will Plunder the strength of the dark."

All seriousness aside, Doug loves to weave humor in with the serious. "The Bla Bla Cafe" recounts his experience performing at a gay nightclub in LA. "Shove It" laughs at pompous socialites.

Robertson's music is a diverse mix. The songs range from a mellow revival tone, to blues, to Rock & Roll. His aggressive, high energy approach distinguishes him from the typical "acoustic rock" artist. Themes combine the silly with the poignant. The combination turns out to be a well balanced and entertaining mix.

Doug performs as a soloist or with other musicians and singers backing him up. Duo, trio, full 6 piece band, whatever the venue calls for, Doug can, and does accommodate.

With great stage presence, guitar driven rhythms and full vocal harmonies, this group will provide your audience with a dynamic, guitar driven and vocally rich entertain

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